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Terminate your Vodafone subscription now by sending your cancellation letter by post.
Your Vodafone subscription will end immediately upon receipt of your letter.

Are you a subscriber to a Vodafone offer and would like to cancel your subscription now?

No problem, we provide you with an efficient termination service that will allow you to get out of your subscription in no time!

How do I cancel my Vodafone subscription?

It's easy to cancel your Vodafone subscription, just choose the Vodafone service you want to cancel and the date from which you want it to stop and we'll send you the corresponding cancellation letter electronically. Cancelcontract offers you a fast and efficient service!

What are the conditions for terminating a Vodafone subscription?

The termination conditions for your Vodafone offer vary depending on the offer you have subscribed to at Vodafone. Thus your Vodafone offer will have a minimum commitment period of between 12 and 24 months. To know precisely the minimum commitment period of your offer, you can contact Vodafone's services.

Thus your offer will end a few days after receipt of your termination letter by Vodafone Customer Service or on the date indicated in your termination request.

How to keep your phone number after you cancel your Vodafone subscription?

If you wish to keep your telephone number after terminating your Vodafone subscription, you will need to provide a Porting Authorization Code (PAC) to your new operator. If you do not do this, you will not be able to keep your number following the termination of your Vodafone contract.

How to pay your Vodafone invoice?

When you subscribe to a Vodafone subscription, you will obviously have to pay an invoice. There are several ways to pay your Vodafone invoice such as paying your invoice online or by direct debit.

How do I cancel my contract without keeping my phone number?

If you wish to cancel your Vodafone contract and not keep your telephone number, you will need to have your STAC number (Service Termination Authorisation Code). You can obtain your STAC number free of charge from your Vodafone operator.

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